Weekly Recap: BBBC Week 1

Last Monday, I jumped into Tina Reale’s Best Body Boot Camp and boy, am I glad I made the choice to join up!

Best Body Bootcamp.jpg

All along I have needed a reason and a plan to workout – now, I have just that. I am loving the accountability through Facebook and the schedule Tina provides. At the end of the program, I hope to be working out at least 5 days per week, running 20 miles+ on a weekly basis, and enjoying the program for its accountability and schedule! In the short term, I have also set 2 week goals to follow in the hope that I will have created a routine for both morning workouts and upping my water intake!

So, here’s what my workouts looked like last week:

Monday: (PM) BBBC Workout A + Blogilates Bikini Blaster 1 + Fitnessista’s Barre Burner videos

Tuesday: (AM) 3.5 mile run (39:45)

Wednesday: (AM) BBBC Workout B + (PM) Sunset Wake Surfing


Thursday: (AM) 4 mile run (42:15)photo

I have finally broken my 10 minute mile barrier!

Friday: (AM) BBBC Workout C + (PM) Uptown Walking

Saturday: (AM) Skirt Sports Skirt Chaser 5k (35:07)


Although I would have loved to run faster, this is day 6 in a row for the first time since high school. So I’m thinkin’ ,“Not too shabby!”

Sunday: (AM) Wake surfing + 5.5 mile run (1:04:52)

Not the fastest time, but since we took off at noon (rather than 7 or 8am) and after a surf session, I can’t be sad about it. Just another training method!

Weekly Miles: 16.1 miles

In my last challenge, I lost my focus fairly quickly, but with the design and layout of BBBC, I am hopeful I will keep up with my goals, the workouts, and my running. It’s time to start building back up to 13.1 miles! I am thinking a slow, but steady ramp up is the way to train (and embrace the warm summer months) for my next half in November.