Thailand: Days 5 – 9

We last left off with our awesome elephant adventure on Koh Chang, just off the coast of Cambodia and Thailand. Here’s images from the remainder of our trip…sorry this is a complete photo bomb [or maybe not], but words cannot describe this experience. Again, completely reliving this experience…missing seeing these views daily. 2012-12-23 09.00.02
Stake your claim early for these views!
2012-12-21 10.34.022012-12-20 16.35.082012-12-20 16.37.43
And just in case you missed it, the world did NOT end:) however, we were in the place I’d want to be if it did – paradise!2012-12-20 16.44.062012-12-20 16.44.122012-12-20 16.48.562012-12-20 16.47.532012-12-20 16.50.07
Get your fitness on!
2012-12-20 17.58.47
The sun is so intense here, that the foliage can be 2 shades of green on the same plant. 2012-12-20 18.06.442012-12-20 17.35.05
Sunset cocktails…yes, please!2012-12-23 14.06.30
Bangbao – on the south end of the island.2012-12-23 13.55.26 2012-12-23 13.49.43 2012-12-23 14.16.06 2012-12-20 17.50.412012-12-23 17.41.49
2012-12-23 18.02.212012-12-23 20.39.152012-12-23 18.03.52
Since we departed Koh Chang on December 25, I think this picture of Nick and myself is appropriate. So, who is ready to visit Koh Chang?


Weekly Recap: BBBC Week 6

Wow! Where has summer GONE!?! One minute its just arriving and the next, you realize it’s August and summer is winding down. I keep telling myself that it’s okay that it’s only August…summer really didn’t start until June here in Charlotte anyways…that it will all be okay and I will be ready to see the leaves change in a few months. Last week was the end of Phase 3 for Best Body Boot Camp and I was able to take my workouts to the beach! Ocracoke Island, to be exact. I absolutely adore this island and was excited to explore it with my feet in addition to a bike, and to spend a whole week there (last time I only was able to escape for 2 days).

Workouts of the week:


I tried to track how much I rode as well, but maybe short a few miles here and there.

Monday: 3.37 mile run (38:48) + 2.4 miles biking

2013-07-22 20.41.18

Tuesday: BBBC A + 4.2 miles biking

Wednesday: 2 miles biking + BBBC Core Circuit

This was our parasailing day, so we took it easy!

Thursday: 6.54 mile run (1:14:51)

2013-07-25 10.50.02

Friday: 4 miles biking + some beach time!

2013-07-26 19.51.53

Saturday: 5.14 mile run (1:05:31) + 3.1 miles biking2013-07-31 22.35.14

Sunday: lots of traveling (waiting for the ferry, ferry travel to the mainland, lots of miles to drive), but gorgeous views:

2013-07-28 10.28.03

Total Weekly Miles: 15.05 miles running + 15.7 miles biking

Overall, I’d say this was a successful week. I maintained my activity levels every day, while still working on my tan :o) I loved the week at Ocracoke and we are already contemplating when we will return again!