Would You Rather #2: Role Models & Odd Moments

Yes, I may be a bit eccentric when it comes to surveys, but I love reading and completing them! This may be OliveToRun’s 6th WWRRS survey, but I’m just jumping on the train a bit late so this is only my 2nd time linking up. Now, sit back and relax <- or laugh at my awesomeness. Either way, take your pick!


Would you rather…  run with one of your ancestors or your role models?

Role model – so we can chat away about life lessons and how to get what you want since they have accomplished some of my current goals, but I’d have to bring along my favorite running buddy!

2013-09-19 07.04.26

Would you rather… run a race that is a few hour drive but in a beautiful location or in your city with a short drive?

This is a challenge because I live in a place with lots of rolling hills that provide a solid challenge, but the thrill of running along a beach has always appealed to me. Hence, why my first half [and third] are occurring in Amelia Island. 2013-01-19 08.31.42

Would you rather… take an ice bath for a half hour or foam roll for a half hour?

Foam roll. No way will you see me in an ice bath for any longer than necessary; plus I’m more of a fan of chilled baths for 10 minutes and skipping the whole ice cube touching my body thing. [Source]

Would you rather… have a black toe nail pulled off or have your entire back chaffed from running and be forced to shower for a hour straight?

Given the number of times I have pulled a black toenail off [both accidentally and on purpose], I’d have to go that route again. Funny story…it’s happening again!


Would you rather… spend an extra $100 a month given to you on running/fitness or save it?

On one hand, I could argue to spend it, but my common sense side says I really should save it. Can I split it 50/50?


Would you rather… be known for running the fastest marathon or running the longest distance at one time?

I may never be the fastest runner on the course [I am not known for my speed], rather I strive to conquer new distances all the time.


Would you rather… have your medal handed to you by Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan?

Kara Goucher, hands down.


Would you rather… lick someone else’s armpit after a marathon, or lick their foot after a marathon?

If I’m like everyone else, I know my feet are nasty after a run <- honesty counts, right? So, I’d go for the armpit, hands down.
Hair > popped blisters <- am I right?



Body Fat and OliveToRun’s WYRR Survey

The other day I completed my first ever health coaching assessment at my gym. And overall, I’m doing pretty well – right amount of exercise for my goals, clean eating with the occasional downfalls [froyo – that would be you].

2013-08-17 13.58.52

I asked at the coach if he would be kind enough to go ahead and check my body fat percentage for me [normally, this is part of the fitness assessment, but he went ahead and clued me in today]. I was curious where I was at the conclusion of Summer BBB and since I only had been using the cheap “measure your body and plug in numbers on a random website method”, I thought it would be cool to find out. And the results are in! I am at 16.5 percent  – whoa that’s over 9 percent lower than my cheap solution and most likely most of the change occurred in the last 8 weeks.
According to this, I am an ATHLETE. Big thanks goes to Tina and BBB [<- sign up now for Fall] for the workouts that helped get me there. Should be interesting to see where I end up at the end of training in a few months!

Anywho, on to something much more entertaining:

I thought I’d give Cori’s survey a shot this week, since she came up with some great, fun questions. Yes, she creates these on the fly. Seriously, that’s cool – wish I had time for that. Maybe someday down the road… who am I kidding; I will still be busy then:) Now without further ado, on to my answers!

Would you rather… Be dressed up like a Zombie for a race OR be chased by a Zombie during a race?

Be chased by a zombie – the race does end right? Plus, it would be hard to run with 3 heads like this guy:

Would you rather… train with Chuck Norris or train with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Chuck Norris, fo sho. Not really a fan of Arnold – I think it’s the accent.

Would you rather…Get stuck in an elevator after a race with other people and have to pee or get stuck in a port-a-potty at your race?

I despise port-a-potties in all locations – elevator it is! Luckily, there will be a bottle handy!!

Would you rather… drink milk as you run your race or drink soda/pop?

I think I’d rather burp my way to the finish, rather than puke so soda’s the winner.

Would you rather… puke all the way down the front of yourself during a race or have someone ELSE puke on your foot?

The smell of vomit makes me want to vomit…my shoe would probably be covered in theirs and mine by the end of it…but may not, the smell of sweat and success might solve that problem. Water station up ahead!! I don’t mind wet feet!

Would you rather… be three feet taller than you currently are or three feet shorter than you currently are?

So that would make me 2’8” or 8”8’…let’s go with amazon status here! Had a taste for that in China…it was great for sight-seeing!

Would you rather… sing call me maybe on repeat during a race OR do the macarena the entire race?

Call Me Maybe – done. I sang it in my head for 2 days in Thailand at Christmas. 

Would you rather… have someone’s snot rocket hit you in the face or someone’s blood from chaffing hit you in the face?

Umm, ew. But I handle blood on a more regular basis in the winter, so blood for the win.

Would you rather… receive a beautiful, shiny medal at the end of your race OR have the race organizers donate $100 to a charity after you finish a race?

At the moment, I am craving a beautiful, shiny medal only because I’ve never had one before. Ask me again in 3 months. 

Would you rather… “hit the wall” halfway through your race distance and struggle the rest of the way OR get close to the end feeling great the whole time but end up having to DNF?

I’d hit the wall in a heartbeat, rather than have a dreaded DNF. There’s a fairly good chance it may happen to me at some point in my future running career, but I’d rather not choose to have one today.

Pick your top 2 questions from the list above and answer them. Alternatively, complete the survey and link back to OliveToRun.