Off the Grid

I took a chance this weekend and decided to go off the grid from the blog world, but not my phone, email, and camera – I just can’t leave it ALL behind. But the important piece I realized was that I missed sharing everything going on, so in that spirit – here’s a weekend recap in images:

2013-08-23 21.12.12

[They’re here! They’re here!]2013-08-24 11.50.12[Long, slow run but it’s done!]2013-08-24 19.55.22[Saturday night sunset on Lake Norman]
2013-08-25 09.30.21 [Sunday morning post cleaning]
2013-08-25 11.59.02[Treat for Nick]
2013-08-25 12.05.46 [Juice from the Market]
2013-08-25 13.15.58[Finally found it at Healthy Home Market]
2013-08-25 15.15.44[Lunch at Carolina Ale House]
2013-08-25 18.00.39[Dog park time for Sizzle]


Thailand: Days 5 – 9

We last left off with our awesome elephant adventure on Koh Chang, just off the coast of Cambodia and Thailand. Here’s images from the remainder of our trip…sorry this is a complete photo bomb [or maybe not], but words cannot describe this experience. Again, completely reliving this experience…missing seeing these views daily. 2012-12-23 09.00.02
Stake your claim early for these views!
2012-12-21 10.34.022012-12-20 16.35.082012-12-20 16.37.43
And just in case you missed it, the world did NOT end:) however, we were in the place I’d want to be if it did – paradise!2012-12-20 16.44.062012-12-20 16.44.122012-12-20 16.48.562012-12-20 16.47.532012-12-20 16.50.07
Get your fitness on!
2012-12-20 17.58.47
The sun is so intense here, that the foliage can be 2 shades of green on the same plant. 2012-12-20 18.06.442012-12-20 17.35.05
Sunset cocktails…yes, please!2012-12-23 14.06.30
Bangbao – on the south end of the island.2012-12-23 13.55.26 2012-12-23 13.49.43 2012-12-23 14.16.06 2012-12-20 17.50.412012-12-23 17.41.49
2012-12-23 18.02.212012-12-23 20.39.152012-12-23 18.03.52
Since we departed Koh Chang on December 25, I think this picture of Nick and myself is appropriate. So, who is ready to visit Koh Chang?

A Week in Ocracoke

As I talked about in my last post, last week was spent at the beautiful island of Ocracoke. Lying just off the coast of North Carolina at the tail end of the Outer Banks, you find this gem of a vacation spot!

2013-07-28 10.10.39 Ferry View: Silver Lake with Ocracoke Village in the background. [Yes, I took this when we were leaving…we were in the car anxious to get off the ferry when we arrived!]


To reach the island, you have 3 options: ferry from 3 different locations [Hatteras, Swan Quarter, and Cedar Island]; fly your private plane [if only] or swim [yea right]! We chose the most realistic option: the Cedar Island ferry. It was a beautiful day, perfect for cruising across  the Pamlico Sound to reach the island.

2013-07-21 21.21.17 

Our first stop was…you guessed it [the Florida girl definitely comes out here]…the beach [once we did the whole check-in, pick up bikes, catch up with friends, etc]. But, I was still at the beach a mere 3 hours after we arrived! And proceeded to visit all but 1 day – I know, sad but true. We went parasailing and I did SEE the ocean waves from the sky…so that counts, right?

2013-07-22 15.57.03 The sound of the ocean is so relaxing!




2013-07-22 15.58.39 We flew a HUGE kite….




Before heading back for cocktail hour and dinner. We stayed in a great house with a huge screened-in porch [essential in Ocracoke; the mosquitoes will eat you alive!] far enough away from town to be peaceful, but like everything in Ocracoke, all the conveniences are just a short bike ride away.

  Photo from Ocracoke Island Realty

Here’s our home away from home, the Beachbreak. We spent hours on the porch enjoying books, great company, and completing a puzzle. The house was furnished with all the necessities and we loved the outdoor shower!

We enjoyed a few other activities while we were on the island:

2013-07-22 20.45.57 Double scoop waffle cones at the Slushie Stand. Yes, I ate ALL of mine – hey, I did run before I went for ice cream and its vacation so does it really count?





2013-07-23 10.34.58Relaxing and reading by the ocean.






2013-07-23 16.26.45Frozen cocktails at the Jolly Roger Pub & Marina – easily my favorite bar/restaurant on the island! Seriously, check out that view!





2013-07-23 16.34.51Tons of shrimp – these were coconut shrimp with a sweet Thai chili sauce.






2013-07-24 12.37.48Some random bird watching. This guy refused to let any seagull touch the pilings!






2013-07-26 19.51.56Late afternoons at the beach and watched the colors of dusk move over the sky.




2013-07-27 09.08.19Remote beaches at the end of a nature trail.






2013-07-28 10.20.12And finally, we waved goodbye to Ocracoke following the same path we traveled just a week before.




I can’t forget the people we spent the week with, Nick’s family and longtime family friends. We traveled from near and far [Charlotte, Boone, Boston, New York, Tunis] to spend a week at the beach. This was definitely a vacation to remember!