Weekly Recap: BBBC Week 3

Ok, this recap is occurring a day later than normal, but hey I was a bit busy yesterday!

In other news – happy belated 4th of July! I spent my holiday on the lake relaxing, enjoying the sun while dodging thunderstorms. Although we ended up soaked before the fireworks even started, it was still an awesome day. But now, back to the true focus on this post – what did I accomplish last week?


Monday: (AM) BBBC Strength A + (PM) Barre Interval @ Flex+Fit

Tuesday: SPIN 50 @ Flex+Fit

Wednesday: 3.45 mile run (44:00)

image (1)

Hot and humid… 

Thursday: 4.73 mile run (56:15)


Great company, but we were definitely slow movers! 

Friday: Off/Rest

Saturday: HFFA Firecracker 5k and Super Soaker Dash


Note to self: wine the night before a race is NOT a good idea 🙂

Sunday: Walking Day (2.5 miles)! Love living in uptown where we can walk to lunch and evening shows – we saw Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam!

Weekly Miles: 17.6

With the holiday weekend, I was slower than I had thought; but at least I kept my mileage up! And now, I’m off to another great week!