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Spring Challenge

I have been debating about what my next fitness goal should be. Since I’m still in the beginning stages of working out on a daily basis, I wanted to have an end goal to keep myself motivated. My hope is that I will enjoy the activities that I won’t need a goal, but that will come at a later date. In order to get back into training after my half, I decided to sign up for Run to the Finish’s Spring Bootie Buster Challenge (SBBC)!

Spring Challenge

I am looking forward to having workouts planned out for me, as well as the group support. I have never been involved with a group like this one (or Tina Reale’s Best Body Bootcamp), but after reading raving reviews about both I had to give them a shot. On top of that, the cost is only $22! I don’t think you can beat this deal anywhere else! The challenge begins on March 4, just over a week away and I can’t wait!

Morning Workout

In other news, I persevered through another 5:30 am wake up call this morning and took myself to the gym. I love how quiet it is when no one else is awake. My neighbors are all night owls, I think. With zero competition, I was able to jump on the treadmill and complete another incline walking workout.

Workout 2-21-13

I really liked the pyramid effect that I included in this workout and keeping the speed up was easier on me with my long legs – depending on height, you may want to drop the speed back to 4.0 where you are still getting a quality workout, just not overreaching (I have done this in the past and ended up with horrible pain in my hips that just wouldn’t go away). From there I completed a quick circuit workout that involved lunges, curls and squats – this was very similar to what I did yesterday, but I switched up the order and weight. Since, I had a few things to check off my to-do list before leaving for work, I headed home to prepare for my day. Hope yours is a good one!