Run Club, Running Habits, Group Runs vs. Solo

Tonight, we ventured out to NoDa Brewing Company so I could join up with their weekly Run Club and tick off a few miles from my weekly tally. Like always, my runs are my time to just think about what I’m doing at that exact moment and forget all the stress I might be experiencing. Tonight was rough – I kept running over my pup [unintentionally! I promise] and just didn’t feel like I hit my stride until the 2.5 mile mark. By that point, I’d given up having that awesome run and convinced myself that tomorrow was another day and to try, try again.

Once I returned to the brewery, Nick and I started talking about how he doesn’t like to run in groups, but would rather take off on his own. I got to thinking about my own style, and quickly realized I am the same way, sometimes. I love my early morning runs before the city awakens, but also enjoy the thrill of runners around me and the need to keep up.

Overall, I tend to like the peace and quiet around me while I run – it’s my escape from everything going on. A way to have a blank mind and just keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, look up and smile. Just be grateful that I can run and I have found something that I enjoy and can pursue any time of the year.

Now, I am in desperate need of some foam rolling action + compression sleeves [hoping my socks get here soon] + stretching. Training is tough, but I love having a goal in the future to look forward to!

K Sizz I think she forgave me…this was right before my face was attacked with Sizzle kisses:)




What’s your preference: run with a group or running solo?
The majority of the time, I am a solo OUTDOOR runner through and through.


A Little Bit of This, A Little of That

And now you think I’m sharing another recipe, but I’m not – I do have one for later this week [stay tuned for Quinoa-filled Zucchini Boats]. Our weekend was full of randomness and it was great!

We kicked off our weekend with a home-cooked meal and a low key Friday night.
2013-08-16 19.47.30-1
Skinnytaste’s Baked Chicken Parmesan [with leftover marinara from earlier in the week], along with green beans a la Run Eat Repeat [No TJ’s seasoning present in my house, so I created my own mix].

Once I woke up Saturday morning, I was grateful it wasn’t pouring and set out to conquer my scheduled 9 mile run – which turned into 9.5 miles with my first Garmin fail.
2013-08-18 08.22.21 
Although my run was longer than my Garmin said, it was still shorter than Runmeter said when I mapped it out. I was shocked when I saw the elevation gain of 1,427! That’s 2x the route for the Thunder Road Half Marathon in November. If I keep this up every week, I’m hoping I can reach my goals!

Later on after an ice bath + a few errands, this happened:
2013-08-17 13.58.52
And then this:
2013-08-17 15.41.03
I’d say the froyo was better than the movie, but that is always the case!! It’s going to be a problem when my office is across the street from a froyo place. Anyways, Admission was fine, but Nick and I both felt it left a bit to be desired with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in leading roles.

Later on, I headed to bed to start a book:
2013-08-18 07.56.21 
And just over 2 hours later, I was done with it. I could not put this book down after the first 2 chapters! The story had relatable characters, a story line that kept you involved and wanting to know the end. Definitely a great read! Mental note: Reserve more Sarah Jio books now!

Sunday began bright and early with a trip to Cary to drop off my old washer and dryer at Nick’s mom’s new place.
2013-08-18 13.13.30
We were only in Cary long enough to take the washer and dryer inside then back home to the Queen City! We are planning to return soon and explore the area a bit.

And of course, once we returned to the QC, we stopped off at one of our favorite watering holes, VBGB for a few drinks and snacks.
2013-08-18 16.55.26
That would be a lambic for me and an IPA for him. After a few snacks, we headed home and now, Nick enjoyed Cloud Atlas and I blogged!

Side Note: I might have figured out my new routine for recovery…Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves the night before, Leg Compression + Compression Leggings [love these Old Navy ones – cheap and efficient] following my ice bath [first one ever!], and finally one more night of calf compression. I woke up Sunday ready to MOVE! Next task on my list…determine the ‘right fueling’ for me.

Weekly Recap: BBBC Week 8

Yes, its a sad day/week for me. Best Body Boot Camp is officially over. It’s been a journey that I undertook on a whim knowing that I needed strength training to have any hope of achieving my half marathon goals. At the end of this journey, I can look back and see where progress was starting to be made [like the first time I wasn’t completely dead after one of Tina’s workouts or when I completed all the suggested reps faster than I ever expected] and learning what the heck super sets and tri sets actually were.

Thanks Tina for setting me straight!

Ok, now I’ve got the hang of these. And they ROCK!

Unfortunately, this had to be the week that I end up fighting off sinusitis. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling absolutely miserable and knew that it was going to take rest, meds, and lots of water to get back to normal.


Monday: (AM) BodyPump + (PM) HOT! Yoga + 3.2 mile walk

Yes, I officially know what the craze is ALL about now! The absolute highlight was another girl in the class saying you could easily increase your weight 2-3x…thanks Tina! Hot yoga was just that…incredibly HOT!

Tuesday [aka my the morning where sinusitis tried to bring me down]: Walks with the pup

Wednesday: Walks with the pup + walk to lunch

Pure Pizza’s Margarita Pie – Not my pizza as I was feeling miserable, but I ate the same thing and it was delicious!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Walks with the pup + walks to lunch & dinner

Yes, we ventured back to Pure for one last meal with my bro before he left town.

Saturday: More pup walks

Definitely proved this week that this is correct: Dog Owners are More Active! Read the article here.

Sunday: Rest

Total Weekly Miles: 9.52 miles

After such a low volume workout week, I am so ready to get back in the gym, wrap up my 8th week of BBBC, and pound the pavement [or rock out on the treadmill since I’m not 100% recovered] this week!


Since I finished my first half on Saturday, I have been resting and recovering. At the end of the race, I was experiencing some minor pain at the top of my calf just behind the knee so I stopped by the Heartland Rehab tent set up at the finish. The therapist awarded me the ‘Tightest Muscles of the Day’ – definitely not my proudest moment, but I guess more stretching and massage is in my future! Once I was treated with ASTYM, my muscles didn’t feel tight anymore and I was able to walk around and enjoy the post-race entertainment. Instead of the normal medal, ZOOMA, in conjunction with Satya Jewelry, provided a beautiful necklace which I have proudly sported since Saturday.

Yesterday, I was able to visit my local masseuse for an 1.5 hour massage, which I desperately needed! I had pre planned this appointment and I am so glad that I did. Today, for the first time since Saturday, I can walk around with no pain or stiffness! But in the reading on training, running, and recovering from half marathons, I know that I am not quite ready to hit the road again. These next two days will be the hardest yet since I feel like I am ready to run, but I have to keep telling myself that I will be hitting the pavement (or treadmill) again soon and not to push it. Meanwhile I am searching for another local race – maybe a 5k or 10k or even a trail race would be fun. I think Nick might even be up for one of those options!