Since I finished my first half on Saturday, I have been resting and recovering. At the end of the race, I was experiencing some minor pain at the top of my calf just behind the knee so I stopped by the Heartland Rehab tent set up at the finish. The therapist awarded me the ‘Tightest Muscles of the Day’ – definitely not my proudest moment, but I guess more stretching and massage is in my future! Once I was treated with ASTYM, my muscles didn’t feel tight anymore and I was able to walk around and enjoy the post-race entertainment. Instead of the normal medal, ZOOMA, in conjunction with Satya Jewelry, provided a beautiful necklace which I have proudly sported since Saturday.

Yesterday, I was able to visit my local masseuse for an 1.5 hour massage, which I desperately needed! I had pre planned this appointment and I am so glad that I did. Today, for the first time since Saturday, I can walk around with no pain or stiffness! But in the reading on training, running, and recovering from half marathons, I know that I am not quite ready to hit the road again. These next two days will be the hardest yet since I feel like I am ready to run, but I have to keep telling myself that I will be hitting the pavement (or treadmill) again soon and not to push it. Meanwhile I am searching for another local race – maybe a 5k or 10k or even a trail race would be fun. I think Nick might even be up for one of those options!