Run Club, Running Habits, Group Runs vs. Solo

Tonight, we ventured out to NoDa Brewing Company so I could join up with their weekly Run Club and tick off a few miles from my weekly tally. Like always, my runs are my time to just think about what I’m doing at that exact moment and forget all the stress I might be experiencing. Tonight was rough – I kept running over my pup [unintentionally! I promise] and just didn’t feel like I hit my stride until the 2.5 mile mark. By that point, I’d given up having that awesome run and convinced myself that tomorrow was another day and to try, try again.

Once I returned to the brewery, Nick and I started talking about how he doesn’t like to run in groups, but would rather take off on his own. I got to thinking about my own style, and quickly realized I am the same way, sometimes. I love my early morning runs before the city awakens, but also enjoy the thrill of runners around me and the need to keep up.

Overall, I tend to like the peace and quiet around me while I run – it’s my escape from everything going on. A way to have a blank mind and just keep going, putting one foot in front of the other, look up and smile. Just be grateful that I can run and I have found something that I enjoy and can pursue any time of the year.

Now, I am in desperate need of some foam rolling action + compression sleeves [hoping my socks get here soon] + stretching. Training is tough, but I love having a goal in the future to look forward to!

K Sizz I think she forgave me…this was right before my face was attacked with Sizzle kisses:)




What’s your preference: run with a group or running solo?
The majority of the time, I am a solo OUTDOOR runner through and through.


Weekly Recap: BBBC Week 7

Oh, the week after you return from vacation leaves your body in all sorts of weirdness…odd schedules, late bedtimes, bad eating habits. We all love and savor vacation, but the week after is always trying. We need to fix our schedules so we can be rested and ready for the week ahead, eat nutritious food to have energy, and get back on track with our workouts. It took me a few days before I was ready for weight training again, but once I refocused there, I was a much happier person!


How’d I gain my happiness [and sanity] back? Here’s a breakdown:


Monday: 2.8 mile walk to and from dinner

Tuesday: 2.41 mile run (27:29) before dinner and 1.86 mile walk after dinner

2013-07-30 20.04.15
I arrived home with some serious energy after work so I took Sizz on a run. Once Sizzle had her nap while we ate dinner, she was ready to go again! So, off we went.

Wednesday: 3.08 mile run (33:41) with NoDa Brewing Run Club

It still makes me smile to think many people doubted that Sizzle ran with me. They were all surprised when I shared that she runs up to 5 miles with me. We only did the 3 mile route, but both of us could have kept going!

Thursday: BBBC A + Yoga at Midtown Park

2013-08-01 19.30.42-1
Once again, I was ready to work out when I arrived home and BBBC was calling my name. Then it was off to yoga. I loved the experience having the city skyline in the background and outdoor yoga was awesome! Thanks Chandra from Yoga One

Friday: BBBC B

Best move EVER: The Breakdancer! image

Saturday: 7.12 mile run (1:28:27)

2013-08-03 10.07.59
Second long run in my half marathon training plan. Mental note: must update!

Sunday: 1 mile walk

Easy evening walk with the pup.

Total Weekly Miles:  18.27 miles

By looking back at this week it doesn’t seem that I was too far off from being active daily, but seeing that I didn’t start BBBC until Thursday makes me realize that I lacked some motivation and went with the ‘easy’ workouts [which are always running and walking] for me. Part of my drive for running/walking comes from my pup – I always know she’s game to get outside and exercise! Next week is Week 8 of Best Body Boot Camp…I can’t believe how fast this program has flown. The workouts always leave me sweating by the end, so no complaints that you aren’t getting enough out of them!