Morning Workout

Since I am training for my first half, my latest training plan calls for 5 miles twice a week. This morning began with a 5am alarm of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”. This song makes me want to jump out of bed and start my day! Well, I definitely jump since my phone is across the room to persuade me to get up at that hour! I am not normally a morning person, but since there’s rarely a time that I will want to work out after work, I have made the transition. Although it was not easy (and there are days that I still struggle), I love the feeling that I have accomplished something before 7am, my old alarm time.

Today’s 5 miles were at a casual pace. I just could not seem to get going and stay going.

But the end I am a much happier person!

Question of the Day:
– What’s your trick to waking up early?