Weekly Recap: BBBC Week 2

Wow – these last two weeks have flown by! Maybe its being gone the last two weekends, or just staying busy with family and events…

I am still LOVING Best Body Boot Camp! Event though the workouts remained the same this week, I completed them without finding myself bored of the moves.

This weekend was spent up in Boone enjoying the mountains in the summer and celebrating the Hawksnest Ski Patrol. It was great to see everyone, although sad since the event was held at Hawksnest (which no longer operates as a ski resort, only tubing and zip lining). But the views were incredible:

 image Looking out over the valley.

  image View of the slopes from the lodge / base of the mountain.

It was great to catch up with everyone!

Now, back to focusing on the weekly workouts, so, how did this week break out?


Monday: (AM) BBBC Strength A + (PM) 3 mile walk

Tuesday: 2.64 mile run (27:50)

image                  Keeping up the 10 min miles!!

Wednesday: (AM) BBBC Strength B + (PM) AIR® Barre Interval

I absolutely loved this class at Flex+Fit – I will blog about my experiences once I’ve experienced a few more classes.

Thursday:2.79 mile walk (35:11)

Friday: Barre Strength (@ Flex + Fit)

Saturday: Does grooming your dog count? In the hot sun and chasing her around the deck?

 photo Still needed some trimming…

Sunday: Rest Day

After our weekend in Boone, I decided to take it easy and use Sunday as my one and only rest day for the next few weeks.

Now, it’s time to jump into the last few days of work before the holiday weekend!