A Weekend with Porties

This past weekend was a blur in more ways than one! My mom and my sister arrived Wednesday to dog-sit for both 4-2 month old puppies and 3 full-size PWDs. Not only is my mom taking care of these Porties, one of the 2 remaining girls was going to go to her new home in the Sunshine State on Sunday, but my mom had to decide which one would be the newest member of Black Dog Farms: Yellow or Red Girl.

Yellow Girl

My Mom with Yellow Girl

Red GirlRed Girl

Both puppies are full of personality and love to play with their sister and brothers – 2 males still remain with the breeder. I could not pick my favorite, but lucky for me I did not have to make that decision.

My sister and I had the opportunity to take a trip up to Beech Mountain Friday night for a quick ski trip before making the journey back to Lake Wylie for more family time on Saturday. Unfortunately, I do not have any clear pictures from our trip – I might be able to ski and pick up people that hurt themselves, but apparently I need more practice skiing and taking pictures!

Saturday afternoon was a true treat! After we finished our pedicures and completed a little shopping, we were greeted with large, fat snowflakes falling in South Carolina! At first I thought the snow would end quickly, but boy was I wrong! 3 inches and several hours later the snow was finally/sadly over. But before it ended, we were able to introduce the 4 Portie puppies to snow!

4 Porties in the snow

At first they were not quite sure about the wet, white stuff, but soon enough they were galavanting around the yard with the big dogs!

Porties in Snow

Showing the Puppies How Snow is Handled

Finally it was time to head back inside and warm up those cold, wet puppies! Our plans for the afternoon included taking Tessa to Petsmart to pick out her first collar and harness. Before we left, I was able to capture a serene moment with Sizzle, Tessa’s mom, watching the fall and keeping an eye on the kids sledding across the street.

Sizzle Watching the Snow

Sizzle Watching the Snow Fall

Then it was off to Petsmart. My mom choose the Red Girl in the end and my sister chose the name Tessa. Tessa in Petsmart

Tessa at Petsmart

Tessa went home with an adorable teal polka dot collar and hot pink harness. She looked adorable in both! On Sunday, my mom and sister headed home with their Red Girl, now Tessa, to Black Dog Farms!

TessaJust one more picture of Tessa from the weekend. She is holding onto a stuffed heart that reads “Too Cute” – another Petsmart purchase!