Hakuna Matata

As a long time Disney lover, I loved going to see the Lion King on the Broadway stage here in Charlotte. No, it’s not New York, but the show was absolutely incredible and the costumes took it to a whole new level!

But first, let me back up to dinner. I met my grandmother and her friend, Joyce, for dinner at Harvest Moon in uptown.

The food was incredible and we were enjoying our conversations catching up from months past so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures #bloggerfail [I’m still trying to figure it all out so please don’t shoot me:)]. However, I WILL be back to visit as the food was delicious and hopefully I will remember to use my camera!

As a kid, I spent many hours in the living room watching Disney movies – not going to lie, I think Little Mermaid might have been my favorite. But, The Lion King also made an appearance more than once. File:The lion king masterpiece vhs.jpg
Anyone else remember VHS tapes? Those annoying things you had to rewind every time you wanted to watch something and now it would frustrate me how much space they take to store – funny how your perceptions change over time!

Rafiki was by far my favorite character of the show. Tshidi Manye did an absolutely incredible job of portraying the spiritual guide! She has been playing the role for years in New York, but has only recently joined the touring cast. She may have had a lot to learn at the beginning of her career, but now she’s flawless! Here’s some more insight to her story.

I loved the costumes for this scene!

“It’s the circle, the circle of life!”

This was an incredible experience; big thanks to my grandmother, Sue, for including me!

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