My name is Kelly Durham and I am a 25 year old Florida-born girl who landed in North Carolina 7 years ago and continue to love it. I have lived several places in NC including the mountains, but now happily call Charlotte home. I spend my days working in an office in an analytics company and my mornings, nights and weekends are spent outside or just being active. I am striving to lead a healthy life, while juggling all my responsibilities.


I find myself lucky to land a pretty great guy back in 2009, Nick, who has spent many years overseas and in North Carolina. If there’s one way to describe Nick, it’s by his love obsession of his favorite local sports teams, primarily the Carolina Panthers {NFL] and UNC Tar Heels [College BB]. Our schedules are adjusted to the teams’ schedules every fall and spring, and many hours are spent supporting them, but at least we each have our own ‘thing’. We still make time for each other and that’s what really counts.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One of my life goals is to see as many countries as I can and run in as many places as I can. I love to travel, both domestically and internationally, and continue to increase the stamps in my passport. Nick, and I try to visit a new country together every year. We have been to China, Tunisia, and Thailand.


I started my blogging journey as a way to document my half marathon training and the changes I have made in my life since moving to Charlotte and realizing that I cannot afford to be active only when I feel like it any longer. I grew up taking ballet, jazz, and hip hop. For a year, I was a member of my high school’s dance team and was dancing 5-6 days a week. Once I moved to Charlotte, I realized I needed to eat healthier since I was behind a computer most of my day. Not too long later, I realized that I missed the figure I had when I was dancing so frequently. Thus, began my search for other healthy living blogs to follow. I stumbled across a blog that convinced me that I could run, no matter what I had originally thought about it.

A week later, I walked into a local running shop, Run for Your Life, and purchased my first pair of running shoes, Mizuno Wave Rider 15s, that were so comfortable, I did not want to take them off. The next day I began my running journey in the gym at my apartment complex. Two weeks later, I signed up and ran the Thunder Road 5k here in Charlotte. With just two weeks of training under my belt, I did not have the best time, but finished better than I expected at 38:07. Another week passed and I began to imagine myself running a half marathon (eek!). Not too long after that, I stumbled upon the ZOOMA Run that begins on Centre Street in Fernandina Beach and I knew that I had found the run for me. Fernandina Beach was always my escape during high school. I was the girl that always had a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, and beach chair in her car ready for a quick getaway for the afternoon. Once I convinced myself that I could run a half, I researched training plans and settled on Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Novice Program. I modified the plan to fit my schedule and needs, but the basics remains the same. A week later I registered and committed to my first half, just three months away. Although I had a rocky journey training for my first half, I am grateful for the experience and loved every minute of it – want to read more? Here’s my race recap.


2013-01-21 09.48.16

Since then, I have been bitten by the half marathon [Thunder Road in November 2013], marathon [Rock ‘N Roll Raleigh in April 2014], and triathlon [Ramblin’ Rose in September 2013 or 2014] bugs. I know, I know, in January I said I would never run a marathon and that a half was good enough; oh well, life goes on! I continually amaze myself in my fitness and healthy living journey. I hope this inspires you to try to attack a goal that you might not know you have, but know you can and will accomplish it.


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